about us




The Pipi Ranch started in an odd spot: a treatment centre for eating disorders. Kai (they/them) and Rachel (she/her) fell in love after meeting (girl interrupted who?). Soon after completing treatment, the two moved in together to form the Pipi Ranch. Now engaged, they look forward to celebrating their union sometime in 2023. 

Both have a love for vintage stuff, renaissance art, and cats. They have 3 kittens we rescued from a Tim Horton's drive through when they were 2 weeks old. Their names are Bowie, Horton, and Blue. Both are passionate advocates for animals and the LGBTQSIA+ community. Kai is trans non-binary and Rachel identifies as queer.

Wondering where the name comes from? Pipi stems from Kai’s  instagram, @pipihadid, which was a pun of Gigi Hadid (a model)'s name. Ranch is a nickname that Kai calls Rachel... because she stays dressin'.